Downhill Mountain Biking and T- shirt love

Angel Fire Resort – Angel Fire Bike Park

So about 3 months ago I discovered a new source of bliss….DH mountain biking. I still love my uphill I have to admit and even when enjoying my DH love in Angel Fire Bike Park I still would do enlightenment single track to the top. I have been riding my old school hard tail mountain bike for say 15 years….and it’s been all over the world with me…I finally did buy one of the Fleet sell off All mountain bikes from Angel Fire Bike Park.  Although I have to wait until the last reserved use of the bike before I can bring it home with me…It kind of feels like buying a puppy and watching someone else play with it for a month before it’s your turn…Anyhow I can’t wait until my new Devinci Dixon bike is here with me…

Mountain Biking, Graphics and Sustainable T-shirts

Well sorry for the long intro but the point of this post is to talk about the inspiration for some of my new designs…Also I want to have more direct feedback from people about the designs and see if they like them. I have been selling my designs in stores but the only thing with that is I never get to meet the people that buy the shirts. I love to hear whatever feedback I can in regards to my designs.  So after spending way to much money and now being way in debt….due to my new addiction I decided to make some cool shirts and have some fun in my studio.

Tribal meets Fractilians meet Mountain Biking

Now I’m really starting to ramble on a  bit but for most of these new t-shirt designs I have created a mis of fractilians, ancient sacred/tribal art and mountain bike graphics…So I’m curious what do you all think? Any feedback is most appreciated. I still have to add a poll with some graphics on it but for now to check out designs you can click on the below link and check out my etsy site and look for the mountain bike designs…