Onno T-shirt Sizing – Do they run large or small?

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I got asked today again about the sizing of the t-shirts that I use on my Fractilians Etsy site.  This is a question that I could ramble on for hours about. Over the years I have used a variety of different companies to print on when doing contract work, selling my own work on my etsy site and printing for Hemp stores. The problem with sizing is that they are rarely consistent in the way that I wish they were. Any other printers and DIY know what I’m talking about?

Companies switch where they get their shirts manufactured and change styles over the years and along with that comes the inevitable change in size of the shirt….So sometimes I feel like when i order up a new batch of shirts it’s like ordering up a new pair of shoes from Zappos….you never know till you try them on and measure them in person…

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I have used Onno shirts for a while now and continue to use them because they tend to be consistent and I just love printing on them….But they are definitely not fitted shirts and run on the slightly larger size. They do last a long time though which is great.