How to silkscreen via the Photo-emulsion technique –creating your design

  • Part One: You need a to create a design
  • Part two: Digitize the design
  • Part three: Ideally have some sort of photo-manipulation program
  • Part four: Create a film positive
  • Part five: Coat your screen
  • Part six: Expose your Screen
  • Part seven: Ink selection
  • Part eight: Print away!!!

So Above are all the parts of what I usually teach during a 2 day silkscreen photo-emulsion intensive. What you really need before you start is your design. What I like to do is rummage through my old sketch books, look through my large collection of photographs, go online to get some inspiration and then start designing. I had a teacher years ago tell me before you go into photoshop….do your thumbnail sketches…So I first have my paper and pencil and play with a bunch of ideas….way before I go into photoshop land…so tonight I am going to brainstorm some new ideas…

If any of you reading this do your homework and create a brainstorm sheet I would love to see it! That part of teaching I have to say is my favorite…the sharing and inspiring energy you get from creating together!

This pic is from my recent workshop at the Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center in Makawao,Maui

Class with Nathalie Nunez from Fractilians at the Hui'No'eau

Class with Nathalie Nunez from Fractilians at the Hui’No’eau